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Gluten free recipe – Winner, winner chicken dinner! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
Gluten free recipe – Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Gluten free recipe – Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Feb 20

Chicken….it’s on my plate almost everyday. I have baked it, fried it with breadcrumbs, sauteed it, made it into soup, put it in a taco shell, burrito or a quesadilla, put it in a casserole, or pot pie, made it Chinese, Italian, Mexican, french… ugh, I am chickened out! Can I get a witness?
So when I picked up more chicken today ( Organic of course) I brought it home and just stared it down and nothing came to my mind. What in the world was I to do to this chicken tonight! So where do I go to in a moment of disappear?
Well, Pinterest of course (applause)!!!!
I LOVE this site, I can find help for everything, cooking, cleaning, organizing, home decor, Travel and fashion. There have been times I made a recipe that the poster said it was incredible, unbelievable, the best recipe in the world and I tried it and thought- what are these people smoking, it was awful!
So I found this recipe for grilled chicken without the grill and I thought ok how can chicken with honey, lime and Italian dressing be bad. Well, I am giving it a try tonight and I will let you know if I will love or hate Pinterest tomorrow…lol.
What’s on your plate tonight and what is your favorite way to make chicken?


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