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What’s for Dinner? | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner?

Feb 13

It seems like everyday it’s the same question, What are we having for dinner tonight? I remember when my kids were young and they asked that dreaded question everyday, What’s for dinner tonight Mom?

I have 3 grown children that live in different parts of the United States these days ( sad face) , but I remember trying to please them all in one meal, that in itself was a HUGE accomplishment that I did not always meet every night.  I remember making a meal plan, clipping coupons and going food shopping to get everything I needed  to make everything on the list after church on a Sunday. It seemed so simple and I looked so organized, like a Supermom, then…..life happened.  Some nights worked out great then some nights there were  dance practice, parties, sporting events that messed up with my plans. I love the saying ” Life is what happens after you make plans” I don’t remember if that is a quote or I said it…lol. I have learned after many years of stress to just go with the flow, believe me it sounds easy but for us organized people, it is rather hard.

Today I don’t cook for the kids unless they are in town visiting ( when they are I make them everything they love ) but now  I have a 78 year old Dad who lives with me full time now who has a very familiar question everyday around noon…… What’s for dinner? AHHHHHHH.

To make things easy for myself I love using a crock pot. If you are not a crock pot user, why? Go to your pantry or in your garage or wherever you put it and wash off the dust and get ready to have a easy, stress free meal tonight. You can put just about any kind of protein in that thing with some type of sauce ( BBQ, Italian dressing) and bang, it’s done by the time you come home from work.  You can even make oatmeal overnight so when you rise in the morning it is ready to eat, this crock pot thing rocks, they even have recipe books just for this amazing crock pot!

So stress less about “What’s for Dinner tonight, and get to crocking!!!!!

What are some of your favorite crock pot recipes?


  1. Great Article! I stress out EVERY night about what to make. I want to eat something super healthy, my husband wants to eat something super UNHEALTHY, and I have 2 boys who are the pickiest eaters ever! I end up making 4 different things sometimes! Bad! I know. 🙁 But not so easy when you have tried to make your kids eat things they do not like and they have major gag reflexes. Not appetizing to see this at dinner time :/ Anyway,I often make sweet and sour ribs in the crockpot because my husband loves them and the meat falls right off the bone rather than being tough if you make it in the oven. Hope my reply wasn’t too long!

  2. Dolce Soul

    Thanks for commenting and it was not too long,Jill. I also have a challenge to make dinner for my hubby and dad, while making a Gluten free meal for me, I totally understand.
    One day we will not have to make a dinner for anyone, we will be sitting on a banquet table enjoying a meal prepared for us :).

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