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What is your Self-talk? | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
What is your Self-talk?

What is your Self-talk?

Sep 01






Do you ever notice how simple and almost robotish that we as women find it so simple to trash talk ourself than we are to speak kind and uplifting words to ourselves?

I have done just that most of my adult life. If I was being told I didn’t measure up to someone’s ideal image of me, I was crushed. I found myself believing and acting just like they said I was. I would beat myself up every chance I could. Just like Jim Carey did in the movie “liar Liar”, that part always cracks me up when he says I beat the crap out of myself….lol.

Anyway, we do the same thing to ourself, it might not be physically but it sure is mentally and spiritually how we tear down and speak unkind words about the awesome amazing YOU God created.

If you believe it or not, you are a masterpiece, crafted and designed by God Himself. It does not really matter if you are “feeling” like a priceless work of art today because the fact is, You are!

So lets start fresh everyday, in-spite of what you said about yourself yesterday, today is a new day and you can begin right now. Start speaking life over yourself, I am loved, I am desired, I am smart, kind, funny, fun to be around, gifted, created for a purpose, I am able to withstand every season of my life….etc. These are some of my declarations but you design what you need to hear and it can change monthly or daily.

Let’s start giving you and me some love and acceptance that we so freely give others.

You and I are designed for a specific purpose in life that we need to fulfill and if you are not being your own cheerleader first then there might not be anyone else that picks up a pom pom and shouts give me a S give me a T acy…you get it.

Rise above your doubts and fears of not measuring up and start creating the masterpiece the potter made you to be.







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