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The real Sisterhood! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
The real Sisterhood!

The real Sisterhood!

May 28



The close relationship among women based on shared experiences and concerns. A bond between two or more girls, not always related by blood.  They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters.  This is what is defined as sisterhood in the dictionary.


Sometimes when we hear Sisterhood it might not always bring up happy feelings if you have a blood sister that you are not very close with

(unfortunately we all have that sometimes)  but, what I am speaking to you about today is more of being a friend to another woman who you can be like a sister to you that you can share your heart to while still being loved and not judged for what you share with her.

As women we are naturally inclined to be very sensitive and aware, even to spiritual things and we can be quickly inspired.

We can read the atmosphere around us, body language and have a sense of emotions of those around us even if they are unspoken.

I believe this is a God given intuition that women possess which sets us apart from men and makes us the nurturers to our family.

These unique gifts are essential for building unity in our families and in our churches.

These very same gifts can be used in the negative way also.  We can be used to back bite, bring discord through gossip, be clickish and just mean!

Lets make the decision today to use our powers to unite and not tear down our relationships with other women.

As women we need to stop comparing ourself with other women, that only breathes insecurities and it will make it impossible for you to be-friend  someone.  God created you to be you, be happy with who God made you to be and celebrate each other’s difference’s instead of being jealous of another.

As you cease to compare you can enter into a place of peace where you can build meaningful relationships.

We have all been burned by people who we thought were gonna be our friends for life and to our dismay and pain they were not there for us, but we need to understand that some people are in our life for a season and a reason sometimes.

We need to take heart in knowing that God will heal our heart and we can move on and not harden our heart to another friendship.

Be vulnerable again, forgive the ones who hurt you and build trust again by stepping out in faith and be willing to love again and receive love again.

Lets be that friend to others that we want a friend to be to us.

I have always told my children “To have a friend you must  be a friend”.

Sow good seeds of friendship and sisterhood today and watch how God multiples those seeds by sending you people that can potentially be your new sisters.

Have you made new friends lately?



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