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I want it NOW!!!! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
I want it NOW!!!!

I want it NOW!!!!

Jun 05



The words Faith and Timing seem to be somewhat of a struggle to me sometimes, can I get a witness?

Is it just me or do we as humans want such a microwave, drive through life that is quick, quick, quick, I WANT it and NEED it now!!!! Wait, that could also be the New Yorker in me too! :)…

What about saying ..And When, God, when?  Sometimes we need to grow in the area of trusting God instead of focusing on the “when” question. When I seem to be missing joy and peace in my life it comes down to me not casting the WHOLE of my cares and truly trusting God.

I like details, lists, exacts, plans etc… but,  that can lead to stress in the life of the believer.  Sometimes knowing everything and planning out every moment of your life can be devastating, uncomfortable and down right disappointing. I remember having such high expectations on events, big days, parties, vacations, jobs, and people, that I became so  frustrated and disappointed because people, and things never meet the vision I dreamed it would be.   God had to teach me to leave things alone and quit feeling that I needed to know every detail of everything. I finally learned to trust the one who knows all things and accept that some questions may never be answered. We prove that we trust God when we refuse to worry about the big or small things that we are facing today or in our future.

Today stand firm in knowing that God has your back today, tomorrow and forever. Expect God’s goodness in your life, receive His favor, walk in His promises knowing that He makes all things perfect in His timing.

Relax……God’s got this!

Proverbs 16:9  A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.

What do you do to help remind you of God’s faithfulness towards you when you are faced with wanting a situation changed right NOW?

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