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Finish what you started! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
Finish what you started!

Finish what you started!

Jan 14


If your like me I have the greatest ideas of organization and I love to try do some many new things but, I end up losing my motivation or I just get distracted with something new.

Have you ever said to yourself ” Now, what was I doing?”

You might have started to fold the laundry and then you had to answer the door , or got phone call or the kids needed you and after you did what you had to do you said it to yourself ” Now, what was I doing?”

You then proceed to start the dishes leaving half the laundry folded and half in the dryer getting wrinkled which means you now have to iron…ugh more work and a time stealer.

This ends up becoming a snowball effect in our life and gives us stress caused by our own self.

Does it ever seem like you have little piles of unfinished business mounting up all around you because you have never finished one project at a time?  Craft projects, picture scanning, jewelry making, writing in your journal, painting a room, ironing and  going through your unworn clothing to give away…the list goes on of our half accomplished but, well meaning jobs that are not completed.

Here’s my confession, I am addicted to an empty laundry basket. I can NOT stand any clothes in the basket so I will end up doing laundry even if its just a couple of  things almost everyday.  This kind of obsession can lead to a waste of money  because of running the washer and dryer and also it steals my time from doing other things.  My husband told me a very easy remedy for my problem……he said get a bigger clothes hamper so it doesn’t look full and give yourself 2 days a week only for laundry.  Yes, my basket it very small so I am looking into getting a bigger one but, I must say this has been a very hard change for me to implement in my life.  I know it might seem crazy to you but hey, we all have our own issues….can I get a witness?


I know this might not be a mind blowing idea or revelation to you but it has been for me and I hope it might bring you a aha moment as well.

So make a commitment today to set guidelines for yourself. Find the time stealers that have creeped into your own life and finish what you have started today to make room for more peace and quiet time for yourself.

You are important! What changes have you made in this new year?

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