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Drink your greens and fruit for better health! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
Drink your greens and fruit for better health!

Drink your greens and fruit for better health!

Mar 22



I am so happy with my new purchase the amazing Nutribullet!  It is the easiest way to add more fruits, veggies, protein and seeds into your diet in a smoothie form.

I have a juicer that I spent a lot of money on but this is so much easier and it taste much better.

This retails for about $100 but I of course got mine with a coupon …lol.

I put anything and everything in my drinks.  In this picture I put:

Spinach, kale, starwberry, blueberry, banana, pineapple, protein powder, chia seeds, walnuts and some water and ice.

It mixes up in seconds and there you go, a healthy drink with no additives,preservatives or nasty chemicals or scary words you cant pronounce.

Go ahead drink up and make a better choice for your health today!

I only wish I bought this sooner , I totally recommend it!

What are some changes you are making in your food choices for your health and your families health?


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