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Clutter is your enemy | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
Clutter is your enemy

Clutter is your enemy

Jan 08



Cutter means -A confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble. A confused noise; a clatter.

 Did you know that clutter can block your success in life?  It’s been said that the way you do ANYTHING is the way you do EVERYTHING.

That means if your house, car, purse or office is a disorganized mess, your life and your mind might be a disorganized mess too.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the average executive wastes 6 weeks a year looking for misplaced files and papers. Imagine how your life would be  different if it was more organized.

Perhaps you would reduce the amount of times you are late on your bills; you would waste less time looking for things, you would spend less money replacing items you can’t find,  instead of having bought 5 pairs of cheap sunglasses because you leave them everywhere.

Don’t you want to experience a new level of peace in your home, job and life?

I believe you are also positioning yourself to receive more blessings from God. When you are faithful over the things you have, God can give you more.

In the Bible  it say’s in Matthew 25:21 says, “Because you were loyal with small things, I will let you care for much greater things.”

It’s true that when projects (even ones around the house) go unfinished…. not only do they take up space in your home but they also take up space in your mind and heart. That confusion can sap the energy and life right out of you and ultimately steal your joy and peace.

That is why Paul instructs us in 1 Corinthians 14:40 to, “Let ALL things be done decently and in order.”

I have had a hard time in the past with starting a project and working on it then loosing interest  or it becoming too hard or I have not seen the results i wanted in my time schedule that I end up aborting it, leaving it for something new or just walking away, hence the clutter of that project taking up valuable space.

Maybe it was a desire to get fit, you bought the cute outfits, gym membership even an expensive juicer only to abort your mission months later.  We need staying power, we need to finish what we started.

I recently saw a women’s wallet  in a store that made me so nervous I almost grabbed it out of her hands and wanted to organize it myself.  She was a hot mess looking for a receipt and decided to take the loss of a large amount to just get an item returned.  If we are organized it will save us time and money and we will be good stewards of our money that God has placed in our hands.

By deciding to stay on top of little things like cleaning out our purses, desks, drawers or cars our lives will feel and look more clean and organized giving us more clarity to purse our dreams and goals to fruition.

When you are free (of all clutter) you’ll see your goals more clearly. Like the song say’s ” I can see clearly now the rain has gone”.

Make small decisions today that will make big changes in your life overtime. You can be stress free and healthy in your mind and body by making small changes in your today!

What are the changes you have made to better your life that you have stuck to and seen your goals come to pass?

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