A great Costco find for your glasses!

A great Costco find for your glasses!

Jun 11


I had to share this awesome deal from Costco today.  If you wear glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses you will loves this.

This was under $6 with 2 bottles of  2 oz lens cleaner  and a purse size.  Also,  2 8 x 8 microfiber lens  cleaning cloth’s and little keychain screwdriver. But, best of all, you can go to Costco and refill these forever, yes……forever for free.

These are great for traveling too.

I love deals and learning more ways to save some money and of course sharing it all with you.

Oh, and I also got out of Costco under $100 which is also a big feat for me :-).

Happy Shopping friends, what are some ways you save money?


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