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Las Vegas Packing tips! | Inspiring women to make lasting change in their life
Las Vegas Packing tips!

Las Vegas Packing tips!

Apr 05


My Packing tips for my week in Vegas, Baby!!!!!!!

Get vitamins that come in sealed pouches.
Zip locks for everything or I save all my zippered clear bags from my purchased curtains, blankets, sheets etc
I put my socks in my shoes to save space
Put breakfast bars in ziplock bags for cheaper snacking or a quick breakfast.
I save all sample sizes from mags, birch box, department store counters, mailings and use them for trips
If bringing a full size containers of product I open container cap and put Saran Wrap around it to make it drip free.
I try not to throw away used bottles so I can put some product in it to travel with  so if anything happened to it or spilled out I don’t lose all I have 🙂
If using pain meds  I never use the original bottles so no one is tempted to take them while checking my bags.
I always put anything valuable on me or in my carry on.
I limit my jewelry to a minimum of 1 gold 1 silver 1 black set
Never take any expensive pieces with you that you are not wearing at all times or place in your hotel safe.
Lay out all your clothes, completed outfits, shoes and jewelry on your bed then start seeing how u can mix and match and what you can eliminate.
I pack 1 nude 1 black bra and the one I wear on the plane in zip locks or in zippered bags.
I pack mostly nude or black undies, they go with everything in zip lock bags
It’s so much easier to take out the zip lock instead of messing up going through everything to find  what your looking for
Dividing it into items so its easier to find , like 1 bag for hair products, makeup, undergarments, jewelry….etc
1 bathing suit , I use my coverup as a robe too, flip flops for the pool along with a pool bag with sun screen, a hat, lip balm all in a beach bag

I carry a large purse on the plane with a smaller wristlet inside that i use for a evening bag and bring a smaller cross body for shopping( hands free so I can hold bags lol)

I bring my phone and Ipad charger with me in my purse for quick charging and your headphones.

Bring a book, magazine or your Ipad, it helps to keep your mind busy while waiting for connections or you can people and fashion watch like I do :).

Shoes: Make sure you have walked in them alot before and they are comfortable,because all you do is walk, I’m not kidding. Bring band aids too, you will need them for your feet after a couple of days.

I bring a pair of sneakers- u walk a lot in Vegas
1 pair of  flats mine are Coach gold Flats ( it goes with everything)
A pair of black or nude heels

I wear a comfortable yoga pant and yoga jacket the plane with sneakers, there will be plenty of time to look cute in Vegas!

I put my shoes on the bottom of the suitcase and I wrap them in target bags to protect my clothes then I place a garabage bag over them, I later use that bag for dirty clothes.

It is cold in the hotels so I pack a nice sweater for evenings and a jean jacket.

I bring downy spray  for wrinkles or a frebrezze spray the smoke in some hotels is disgusting.

Follow a simple formula. Pack three tops for every bottom. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts, and when you wear them multiple times, no one is the wiser. A weeklong trip, shouldn’t require more than six tops, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, one dress, and three bras. “Choose staples you feel most confident in so that you’ll be less inclined to bring Then, for a handy reminder about all the other stuff you’ll need, from floss to batteries, print the vacation-essentials checklist at realsimple.com/packingchecklist.

Stick to a color scheme. “Start with two neutrals for your core basics and add two to three fun shades that coordinate,” A dark palette hides stains and easily sails from day to night.

Be a lightweight. Not all clothes are worth their weight. Leave behind pieces with bulky linings or heavy embellishments. Think thin and opt for pants made of polyester-rayon or acetate-spandex. Also, stretchy jeans or jeggings can take up half the space of regular denim. Control temperature with layers, piles on tees, tanks, and cashmere cardigans instead of bringing thick sweaters or a hefty jacket.
Edit edit edit
Wear your heaviest clothing, shoes, boots on the plane

Always bring bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser
Put a garbage bag on the bottom and then on the top of your clothes this will help if u g
Always pack your meds in your purse so if u lost your baggage u would have it

Make sure you weigh your suitcase, don’t pay those nasty charges.  Always leave room for new purchases…lol, If you do a lot of shopping it is better to ship  your goodies home.
What do you take on your trips and do u rool or fold?

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